Releasing Yourself From the Effect of Guilt

Guilt: is an emotion resulting from doing what one conceives of as wrong, thereby violating superego precepts; results in feelings of worthlessness and at times the need for punishment. (Kim)

Greek: Asham/Ashem: To do wrong, offend, trespass, commit an offense, do injury.

By definition, to be guilty means that one has knowingly and willfully committed a crime or offense against another person. And with this understanding, who or what has caused you to feel guilty about having been abused.

there are two things that I have to come to realize in order to see myself as guiltless and innocent.

1: I am wonderful just as I am. Not because of the way that I look, because of what people may say or think about me, or how I feel. I am wonderful because God says so.

2:  I must constantly renew my mind I do this by freeing myself in the space around me from negative energy and negative people. What you think is who you are.

Today’s challenge is to make sure that you did not allow people to dictate how you will respond or how you will live your life. Make the choice to be free and to live in peace!



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