Oh No He Didn’t!

Oh No He Didn’t

It was summer 2005, we had recently moved from Cherokee County to Cobb, I was pregnant with my fourth child, and in search for a new doctor. Now personally I prefer midwives, but I decided to give this particular doctor a chance. He ran a modestly small private practice and was close to where I lived and the hospital where’d I’d be giving birth to my daughter. Both were good enough reasons to give this new doctor a chance.

So, I get to my first appointment with him and become immediately irritated. I had arrived 15 minutes early as requested by the office and still did not get seen until quite some time “after” my scheduled appointment. (Strike 1) The nurse seem to perform a dual role as receptionist and nurse. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a problem for me parse, but considering the lengthy wait, I wasn’t feeling too understanding. I finally get put into a room where I continue to wait for what seem like an eternity before he came in to greet me. Standing maybe 5’4, with brown skin and a balding head. His style of dress suggested he was in his mid to late 40’s. Undeterred by my obvious disappointment, “Dr. Crazy” half way shook my hand and with what look to be a look of disgust; said, “Mrs. Best “you” are fat”…

Inwardly I cursed this balding rude ass stranger out. And thought to myself, “Oh No He Didn’t”…

“Sir, I am pregnant. Did you “not” read my chart before you “finally” came into the room”?

“Ma’am” he said with just as much sarcasm as I’d given him. “This weight did not come from “this” pregnancy”.


“So… I need you to change your eating and start walking every day”.

“Excuse me”, I said in my very best mad fat girl tone.

“We need to put you on a diet so you don’t get gestational diabetes or hypertension”.

“Wait, what”? I question with tears starting to pour down my face. I wondered who the hell this “we” he spoke of was.

And just like that Dr. Crazy walked out of the room.

The nurse/receptionist who had been standing in the room the entire time says, “He’s a really good doctor. He’s just not a good people person. Please don’t be upset. If you think about what he said, you’d see he’s telling the truth, but…

I gather my things as she stood speaking with tear filled eyes and I walked out of Dr. Crazy’s office. Never to return.


Sometime… It takes a stranger to give us the hard truth, before it will register in our hearts and minds. And sometimes a message can come across in such a brutal way that it will cause the listener not to hear the message.

In hindsight, if I had remained his patient it probably wouldn’t have taken another five years and close to an additional 100 pounds for me to embark on this journey to good health. While his delivery was obviously flawed, the words that he spoke were truth. And let’s face it, for as rude as he was “he” was the “only” one who cared enough at that time to warn me of the impending dangers of “my” obesity…  Oh no he didn’t call me fat. Yes he did. And this “mad fat girl” is thankful.

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