Diary of a Mad Fat Girl.

Total Madness

It seem to have happened instantly, yet it took 30 plus years to have the epiphany. I had gone out to eat as I often did whenever I was “feeling” happy, sad, anxious, mad, excited, disappointed, overwhelmed or just plain bored. Because eating was and “still is” one of my favorite things to do. At the time I had not yet begun to explore a lifestyle of “Pescetarianism” and so, I ate anything that was on the menu. On this particular lunch date I had been taken to a famous local barbeque franchise in Georgia. It was my first time dining there and I was looking forward to it. After dining on what must’ve been every part of the pig my lunch date and I happily; yet slowly made our way back to our parked car. Drowsiness soon set in for myself and my companion and by the time we reached home a deep sleep had fallen upon the both of us.
It seem that as quickly as I had dozed off I was rudely awaken by pains all over my abdomen. This pain was unlike any that I’d ever had before including that of going into labor. Within minutes the abdominal pain turned to vomiting. And I thought to myself, “I will never eat pork again, especially not from that place”. I thought for sure they’d given me food poisoning. I mean who puts a roll of paper towels in the middle of the table with a steel bucket of silverware??? After nearly 12 hours of constant vomiting my stomach was empty. I could hold nothing down; not even water. By the next day, I was dry heaving with the occasional green spew laced with little pellets of something gross… “Bile”…
Within 2 days I was having surgery at Emory of Johns Creek. That is when and where I met Dr. William Johnson. Keep that name in the back of your brain, because you’ll see it a few more times. My anesthesiologist’s name was Dr. Love. (God sends comforting signs) He said, count backwards from 100, but the last number I recall was 99. I awoke in recovery to Dr. Johnson in complete amazement showing me golf ball sized stones that he’d removed from my gallbladder. He said he’d never seen anything like this before. (Well, he only looked to be in his early 20’s so I wasn’t surprised) He also told me that he had to take my gallbladder out and put a stint into my bile duct because the stones had torn a whole into the lining. Bile was leaking into my system and I worse; I could’ve been poisoned “to death”…
My body had had enough. And had gone completely “MAD”… After a least 15 years of my then 33 year old life; I had caused my own body to become enraged; greatly provoke, irritated and angry with its owner… ME… And this is where my journey began. It was the start of “The Diary of a Mad Fat Girl”… A journey into health, healing, clean eating, fitness, fun and frustration.


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  1. 💓💓💓 excited to see what else you have to say!

    1. That’s very sweet. Keep reading! I appreciate your support.

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