Palm sweating, heart racing I called my mom to tell her that I had written and published my first book. My stomach bubbled as I waited for her to answer the phone. I knew she’d be happy for me initially, but I couldn’t be sure how long her joy would last once she found out what the book was about. I wish that I could say that my childhood was full of blissfully happy times, but it wasn’t. And now, the whole world would learn my secret. I learned that day that no matter how others may feel; you have to live life and be at peace with the choices you make.

So… Here I am sharing my world with all of you.  I am “Tammie”! Writing is “a” love of mine, but not my “first” love. My 5 children and two grandchildren hold that space captive.

          About me….

Well, I’m 5’3, with a 6’5 sense of humor and I love life. Despite the many highs and lows there’s always something to rejoice about. Life’s lessons are what have shaped me into the creative soul that I am today. Those lessons are also the reason I live by the 3C’s… Make a commitment to yourself that you will strive to be great, consistently drive to do and be better and have confidence in yourself and your abilities along the way. No matter how hard it may be. If you want others to believe in you, you “must” believe in yourself. “Carpe Diem” I’ll read you later.

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