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'; } // Define constants define( 'POWER_ADDONS_VER', '1.0.3' ); define( 'POWER_ADDONS_DIR', plugin_dir_path( __FILE__ ) ); define( 'POWER_ADDONS_URL', plugin_dir_url( __FILE__ ) ); // Power Addons thumbnails add_image_size("power_addons_tabs_img", 164, 124, true); add_image_size("power_addons_thumb300x200", 300, 200, true); add_image_size("power_addons_blog3_thumb", 420, 280, true); add_image_size("power_addons_blog2_thumb", 420, 330, true); add_image_size("power_addons_square", 460, 460, true); add_image_size("power_addons_latest_cover", 690, 460, true); add_image_size("power_addons_latestfromblog", 720, 388, true); /** * The code that runs during plugin activation. * This action is documented in includes/class-activator.php */ function activate_power_addons() { require_once POWER_ADDONS_DIR . 'includes/class-activator.php'; Power_Addons_Activator::activate(); } /** * The code that runs during plugin deactivation. * This action is documented in includes/class-deactivator.php */ function deactivate_power_addons() { require_once POWER_ADDONS_DIR . 'includes/class-deactivator.php'; Power_Addons_Deactivator::deactivate(); } register_activation_hook( __FILE__, 'activate_power_addons' ); register_deactivation_hook( __FILE__, 'deactivate_power_addons' ); /** * The core plugin class that is used to define internationalization, * admin-specific hooks, and public-facing site hooks. */ require POWER_ADDONS_DIR . 'includes/class-core.php'; /** * Begins execution of the plugin. * * Since everything within the plugin is registered via hooks, * then kicking off the plugin from this point in the file does * not affect the page life cycle. */ function run_power_addons() { $plugin = new Power_Addons(); $plugin->run(); } run_power_addons(); T.E Best | Author | Radio Host | Motivational Speaker


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the finest cover front cover

The Finest Cover

No one would ever guess by looking that Bank Teller and all around good girl Gleanne was keeping the secrets of a troubled past hidden beneath her sophisticate, patient and overly loving persona.

Despite having spent most of her childhood tucked away at Brookhaven, she found the strength to give to others, love and to live freely. But not without fear that one day she’d find herself brokenhearted and pushed to her breaking point like she had been all those years ago; forcing her to snap.

[pa_button shape=”square” btn_content=”READ MORE ” url=”http://tammiebest.com/book/the-finest-cover/” target=”_blank” color=”pink” size=”large” f_weight=”thin” icon=”fa-eye”][pa_button shape=”square” btn_content=”$10 – PRE-ORDER ” url=”https://www.paypal.me/tammiebest/10″ target=”_blank” color=”pink” size=”large” f_weight=”thin” icon=”fa-shopping-bag”]


JULY 2015


By TE Best


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I work with people who want to lead wholesome lifestyles, feel more relaxed about life.

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Want create site? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins.

The 3C’s that I live by…
1. Commit: You must set a goal and commit to it. This means keeping the promise you make to yourself. Read More

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Did you find apk for android? You can find new Free Android Games and apps.
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